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ID First Name Last Name Comments Why is MSN important to you?
1 KateRallison i, my self have used msn with friends (even though i don't have an account) i think it is much safer, easier and better then many other networking sites. it is important to me because it keeps millions of people connected in a way that is safer ten most sites with the same functions
2 DarrenYoung Leave MSN alone :) I use it everyday to chant with friends.
3 SamanthaRobinson I use MSN to keep in contact with my friends who are far away I never liked Skype n I find fb chat rubbish as it is not as nice as MSN Need it to talk to friends and to keep in contact with my boyfriend <3
4 RobinAlves Skype is good for video or calls but Winows messenger is still much better at text Writing and availability of options to write
5 PaigeShepherd    
6 ErinH Don't touch msn. There's absolutely NO reason to do this. You'll only anger millions of people. It's my only contact with some people.
7 SarahE Leave MSN alone. It's used by millions of people every day, and some prefer it over skype. I like to be able to 'sort' my contacts by service, and combining the services is just pointless, as many who have MSN also have skype, or just plain don't want one.
9 AndrewW   Been using MSN for years. Would hate to lose it.
10 MariKarkkainen   i've always used it and want to keep using it. it's easy and fun, i prefer the style of it other messaging systems.
11 NathanMarlow I use it all the time - all the others are rubbish! Keep it open connecting and contacting friends easily
12 KerryPattinson Please please please do not close MSN down, its the only chat server i go on. :( I go on it everyday. D:  
13 RuiSantos    
14 AndrewH   I've been using it for 6 years and frankly, I dislike skype and facebook. MSN has too many fond memories/
15 LauraC. why get rid of MSN? it has a neat, clean interface; it's easy to use; and custom emoticons are fun to use. all my friends are on msn
16 SaaraLähdekorpi    
17 FranziskaR Who had this stupid idea??! I chat there EVERYDAY
18 KK Why the heck they want to shut off the MSN? Because not too many use it? So what?! Those few people love this chat program. Because it's so much better than the damn Facebook's chat.(This ISN'T the only reason)
19 KittyFeles I've been a long time user now, and Messenger has its problems but its still a really good instant messaging program. So why would you ditch something light wight like MSN Messenger For something heavy like skype, I don't know. Alls My Online Friends Are On MSN Messenger.
20 LindaBerglund   I have my sister and my best friend on there! I don't want to lose contact with them. Plus MSN has features that NO other programs have!!!
21 SteveBrecht Much prefer MSN to Skype... I'll just move to Google Talk otherwise.  
22 SengorK Save MSN and custom icons! Nostalgia and ability to create custom animated emoticons
23 BasharO keep msn!!! best messenger out there bar none!!!
24 SomeDude    
25 DiegoRodriguez